Stickerbomb, Viper Stripes etc.: Vinly Film Car Styling Classics

  • Stickerbomb? For all those of you known as the fox tail generation, who don't know about modern chat vocabular like YOLO, LOL or stickerbomb: a stickerbomb is a large, printed vinyl that looks like if there were hundreds or thousands of stickers applied overlapping each other, completely coverring the surface they're applied to. Perfectly for colourful accents on car mirrors, front or read spoilers, bonnet etc. Of course, you can easily printz them black or white - in case you're looking for a little more understatement. - And if you want to know what YOLO and LOL means: just ask you favorite search engine or Wiki.
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  • Viper stripes, GT stripes, trim lines, zebra crossing

    Stripes are most likely the most popular way of car styling. Thin red lines, classic sports- or race car designs or a broad double lines all over your car from the front to the back: stripes suit your car as perfect as a pinstripe suit dresses you. Choose from over 150 colours, glossy, matte, brushed or carbon-structured surfaces or even individual printed designs. Your 3M Select Partner can tell you what's possible. And even if in memory of your latest safari travel you'd like zebra stripes: no problem.
  • Unlimited design variety in premium quality

    • More than 150 default colours, plus Chrome and High-Gloss Gold
    • Unlimited design flexibility with digital printing technology
    • Experienced for quality demand: 3M is a certified OEM supplied to automotive (ISO/TS 16949)
    • 3M Select Partner / Endorsed Installer: trusted partners deliver certificated quality consultation, design competency and application experience
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